How can I book one of your villas?

September 7, 2018

Once you’re on the main page of our website you have the options to set the conditions you would like for your stay as in the number of guests, dates and area of residence in Phuket. You will be able to view our many villa or apartment choices. You have the ability to view them directly or add them to a wish list which you can return to later. This will allow you to compare and decide which one suits you best.
We know that having over 100 choices of accommodation can be quite overwhelming but do not worry, you can select filters to the right of the website page to narrow down the range of offers to suit your preferences.
Results can be filtered down by type of housing, price, district or number of bedrooms. You can also search for offers directly on the map by clicking on the “MAP” button to the left under the search bar.
All our facilities are located exactly where they are marked. Once you have specified the price and checked the availability of the dates you have indicated, you can start booking! Just click on the orange “Book Now” button. After this then follow the simple instructions for booking. Carefully fill out your contact information: email address and phone number. You can use our message system to discuss travel details, special prices or amenities.