Weather in Phuket

Weather in Phuket

The island has great weather! You can visit Phuket all year round despite the islands well-known “raining/ low season”. Perhaps it will surprise you that this season does not stop tourists flocking to visit and still delivers some amazing weather. Vacation in Phuket is known to be great in both summer and winter. Visiting Phuket in the different seasons too is also dependent on what activities and goals you want to pursue on your trip.

When is it best to go?

At the popular regions surrounding the Andaman Sea, it is common to distinguish three main seasons:

• Warm (high season) – November to February

• Hottest – March and April

• Monsoon season (low season) – May to October


November – February

The period between November to February is usually known as Phuket’s “high season” and most ideal for vacation. At this time the weather is warm, it is sunny, the sea is calm but the heat is not suffocating. Rain is low during this period but is known to fall at times. Unlike other countries or islands, when it rains during this period it is usually short-lived and can be as little as 10 minutes a day. The rain is usually most welcome, warm and brings a pleasant sensation of freshness and coolness.
In November, Thailand celebrates one of its most beautiful festivals: Loi Kraton, roughly translated as “to float a basket”. This is absolutely extraordinary to experience and highly recommended to tourists. On the night of the full moon, Thai’s launch their krathong (a small leaf container) with small goods or a dessert inside down a river, pond or a canal whilst making a wish. The festival is said to originate from an ancient ritual paying respect to water spirits.
If you wish to experience a little glamour and luxury on your vacation, the Royal Regatta, a one-week event held annually in Phuket is not to be missed. The regatta was initiated in 1987 to celebrate the birthday of the King of Thailand. The event has been held every year since during the first week of December.
January is a great time for shopping lovers as during the period of Christmas there are many discounts and sales. In February, the tourist flow subsides, the weather is however, perfect for a beach holiday and travel through the numerous islands surrounding Phuket. Many guests island hop during this month due to the near perfect weather such as to the Similan Islands, Krabi and Phi Phi Island which await enthusiasts of white beaches, see monkeys and those who wish to snorkel in crystal clear waters.
A tip: high season in Phuket becomes busy with tourists therefore making many accommodations fully booked, it is better to book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

March – April

For tourists who like it hot, hot, hot! Phuket is to be visited in March and April. There is little to no rain during these months, Phuket becomes very hot and humid. We advise high factor sun cream and to take regular intervals sitting in the shade to decrease your chance of burning or sun stroke. This is an ideal time for fishing and diving, as marine life becomes particularly active. In April, the locals and tourists celebrate the festival and Thai New Year known as Songkran. During this celebration, major streets are closed to traffic, and are used as arenas for water fights. It is common to pour passers-by with water (it represents purification and the washing away of one’s sins and bad luck) so take care of cell phones, cameras or any other personal items that could get ruined whilst getting wet. This is a crazy, fun and energetic festival that everyone can get involved in so arm yourself with water pistols, buckets and enjoy! If you wish to rent a motorbike or scooter on your trip it is not wise to ride during this festival as accidents have been known to happen! The only way to stay dry or away will be to stay inside!

May – October

In May, the island slowly initiates it’s raining season. This is said to be the most suitable time for fans of active water sports: surfing, kayaking, wake boarding and kite surfing. In addition, hotel prices decrease. Although officially raining season, this does not mean everyday there will be torrential rain and that it is frequent. Each year is different and sun seekers can still find Phuket very suitable for their vacation. However, the sea becomes unsettled during these months, but on the beaches of Kata, Nai Harn or Nai Yang, swimming is still comfortable. Life guards are always on duty too to ensure tourist safety.
In June and July, the island experiences a real increase of windsurfers, as the wind intensifies and is ideal. Red flags on most beaches will identify that swimming in the sea is not recommended during this time or life guards will keep tourists notified. In August, prices of exotic fruits are at their lowest in the markets and a yummy treat for the whole family to try.
October holds the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which celebrates the Chinese community’s belief that the absence of meat will help obtain a peace of mind and good health. The more common known slightly gruesome aspect of the festival is the self-mortification which is undertaken by individuals who puncture their cheeks with various items including knives, skewers and other household items. Raining season slows down a little in October and the sea calms down. Clouds disperse and prices of accommodation and tickets start to increase. The beaches are still calm and relatively unpopulated with tourists compared to high season.
In this short summary of the weather and seasons in Phuket, you can see that there are no “bad” months to visit from high to low season. Blogs, websites and tourist reviews online are great to take a look at for more in depth recommendations and tips for your trip to Phuket all year round.