Patong Beach is located west of Phuket and is one of the most famous beach resorts. The beach covers more than 3.5 kilometres. It is home to the notorious circus of Bangla Road, an array of entertainment, shopping, restaurants and lively nightlife. It is the ideal tourist place to party and play. Over the years, Patong has grown from being a fishing village to one of Phuket’s central tourist entertainment districts.


Bangla Road and the Paradise Complex are Patong’s well known party areas, both lined with many bars, nightclubs, and go go bars.

Even during low season Patong is very much alive, the beach still attracts an array of tourists, local vendors offering souvenirs (from 50 baht), hammocks (from 100 baht), snacks and other goods. At night neon lights surround Patong and the busy chaotic atmosphere can be overwhelming for the new arrivals.

There are however quieter areas of Patong for tourists who would like to keep away from the craziness. In the north of Patong beach sits a small cove where not too many people will be. In the south is a river where a bridge passes, which also has a small cove for secluded relaxation.

Flora & Fauna

Due to the rapid development of the Island of Phuket, Patong’s flora and fauna has suffered greatly. The beach still preserves some plantation of palm trees and greenery but these do not give too much natural shade to protect tourists on the beach from the sun.

Patong has plenty of parking spaces along the road adjacent to the beach for cars and motorbikes. Due to its popularity, it is best to come in the morning to get a spot! There are public toilets spaced out across the beach and usually cost a couple of baht to use. Refreshments and fresh coconuts are available to quench your thirst in Phuket’s sun!
Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent which will make your beach experience more comfortable. If you come with children you can rent inflatables such as armbands and swim rings.


Sea & Sand

Although a busy, popular beach, Patong is cleaned every day and garbage bins are located in various locations across the road.
Due to the size and lack of shade the sand can become very hot so flip flops and sandals on hotter days are a necessity! The sea here is a beautiful turquoise colour but near the shore is cloudy due to the sand. Swimming is usually very safe for adults as well as children and there are several marked swimming zones with life guards on duty.
In low season waves can be dangerous so swimming is to be taken with care.

Entertainment & Attractions
As for entertainment and active pastime on the beach, here you will find a large number of accessories, equipment and services that should satisfy all your tourist needs.
Watersports is big on Patong Beach, you can fly over the sea parasailing (approximately 1500 baht), rent a jet ski (from 1500+ Baht), rent a canoe or swim along the shore watching the fish in the clear sea. Children and adults can ride a banana boat and extreme sport lovers can try waterskiing and wakeboarding.
Many tourists at sunset are seen to enjoy running along the seashore.

Massage and Beauty
Those who are tired of the day’s sun can relax from the heat in Patong’s many air-conditioned beauty salons, which offer services such as manicure, body scrubs, hair styling, and other usual and unusual procedures.
As for the massages, Patong has a huge variety with the use of oils and other methods to relax your body.
On average, the price for a massage is from 200 Baht and will depend on the area of the body chosen.

Despite Patong’s energetic nightlife there is much more to see and do.
• For those who would like to fulfil their spiritual energy they can visit: the Buddhist Center Suwan Khiri Wong or the Chinese Temple of Pun Tua Kong. Both offering tourists to see beautiful architecture, learn about different cultures, see Buddhist statues and in the Chinese Temple you can make a wish!
• For those who have a thirst for adrenaline can visit the boxing Bangla Stadium. In this stadium there are two floors, at the bottom sits a bar, and on the second floor is where the fights take place. Where else would anyone want to watch a Muay Thai fight than in Thailand? the national sport & cultural martial art of Thailand!
• Fans of fun will love Simon Cabaret – this is a famous, colourful, Vegas like show with live performers and many shimmering sequins that will cheer you up and cause a lot of laughter and smiles!
• Shopping is a must in Patong where you can spend hours at its local markets or in its shopping centre Jungseylon. You can buy a variety of fresh food, souveniers, local cotton clothes, jewellery and much more!

We have come to the most interesting part. Why do tourists choose Patong beach as one of their favourite choices for vacation in Phuket? Patong holds the record of course in Phuket for its interesting entertainment and biggest selection of nightlife. Here due to its popularity sits the largest number of hotels and shops on the island of Phuket.
In comparison with other quieter areas in Phuket, Patong is extremely developed for tourists. Here you do not have to question: where should I go in the evening? or what to do in the day?
In the daytime you can swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach, and in the evening walk around countless bars and restaurants, dance, sing and have a extremely good time. Follow the street Bangla Road and you will feel dizzy from all the fun!
But, before you leave make sure that you have somewhere to spend the night in advance especially in high season due to its popularity.

Interestingly, because of the huge competition in this area for accommodation, the cost of the rooms is probably the lowest than in any other area of Phuket!
For those who have a budget, there are always offers. Examples of hotels being the three-star hotel: Patong Swiss Hotel Beach Front, four-star hotel: Impiana Resort Patong, and five-star hotel: La Flora Resort Patong. The are also a large number of guesthouses.
We suggest that you spend your vacation in housing projects, which we have selected for our customers in the area for six years! Choose your favorite apartment or villa, based on your vacation options and needs.
Our service at Tropic Look is very simple and convenient. In order to find the right accommodation you only need a few clicks!

Conviniently there are many restaurants right across the road from the beach. On each street in the area there are restaurants “better” than its neighboring ones as promised by the hostess’ trying to tempt you in. The variety of cuisines is incredible in Patong from Thai, Arabic, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and many more!
Not only is accommodation cheaper here than anywhere in Phuket, so is the seafood! Popular well known fast food chains such as KFC, Burger King and McDonalds are also nearby. Come to any restaurant you like, read the menu and wait for the signal from your stomach, that this is the place you should try!


How to get here
Patong is easily accessible from any part of the island. In order to approach the beach your guide should be on the road number 4233. You can park your car or motobike in the parking lot near the beach.
From neighboring beaches you can come here by public transport, tuk-tuk or taxi.
Map Location
Coordinates of the geo-position: 7.896520, 98.295374

Patong Beach: Recommendations and Reviews
So you met the most beloved area in Phuket among the clubbing community and one of the most popular beaches for tourists.
If this all seems too heavy to you, you can settle in nearby beaches such as Freedom, Paradise or Tri Trang Beach. Patong Beach and its surrounding area is recommended by many and is a must see in Phuket!