Weather in Phuket

The island has great weather! You can visit Phuket all year round despite the islands well-known “raining/ low season”. Perhaps it will surprise you that this season does not stop tourists flocking to visit and still delivers some amazing weather. Vacation in Phuket is known to be great in both summer and winter. Visiting Phuket in the different seasons too is also dependent on what activities and goals you want to pursue on your trip.

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What should I bring to the beach in Phuket?

Promotional photographs and videos of Phuket always depict beautiful weather, snow white sand, tourists relaxing in hammocks, drinking coconuts or showing the elegant ocean waves. But such an easy-going approach to Phuket can play a cruel joke. The sun in the daytime can cause painful sunburn to the unprotected skin, swimsuits struggle to dry in the moist air, and without water and shade, heat stroke can occur. To ensure a great and safe beach experience it is always worth considering what to take with you beforehand.

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One week in Phuket: What can I see and do?

Many often wonder and ask whether it is really possible to organise a vacation in Phuket and see as much as possible when limited to just one week. Let’s together try to find an answer:
Although, of course the longer you stay the more you can see and do in Phuket but with one-week tourists do not need to worry as this is a sufficient time to see enough depending on your wishes and goals here.
Although the beaches of Phuket are gorgeous, relaxing and a must see for tourists. Try not to limit yourself to just visiting them during your only week. Many tourists fly from a great distance to Phuket, often with a stopover. Try not to plan anything too big or adventurous on your first or last day and leave these for resting especially with jet lag. Settle into your accommodation, gather your bearings and explore nearby. These days are great for relaxing on a close beach, fueling and chilling.

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