One week in Phuket

One week in Phuket: What can I see and do?

Many often wonder and ask whether it is really possible to organise a vacation in Phuket and see as much as possible when limited to just one week. Let’s together try to find an answer:
Although, of course the longer you stay the more you can see and do in Phuket but with one-week tourists do not need to worry as this is a sufficient time to see enough depending on your wishes and goals here.
Although the beaches of Phuket are gorgeous, relaxing and a must see for tourists. Try not to limit yourself to just visiting them during your only week. Many tourists fly from a great distance to Phuket, often with a stopover. Try not to plan anything too big or adventurous on your first or last day and leave these for resting especially with jet lag. Settle into your accommodation, gather your bearings and explore nearby. These days are great for relaxing on a close beach, fueling and chilling.
Your second day you can begin to develop a plan, where to go, where to walk, eat and what to see and do.

Here is a small list of what tourists tend to decide to do in a week:

• City tour

• A trip to the surrounding islands

• Evening shows

• Tasting local cuisine/ markets

• Spa & massage

• Buying souvenirs and gifts


If you are first timers on the island of Phuket, it is recommended to go on a guided tour if you do not know your way around. Phuket is big, and you are unlikely to be able to examine and explore it on your own, especially if you don’t know how to get around. It is better to take an organised excursion and guide service which can be organised at many tour companies. Most of the busier tourist areas provide tour shops. Main attractions that are recommended and can be organised for you include seeing the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Bird Park, Botanical Garden or boat trips to the surrounding islands. Guides are very informative and provide a lot of useful information about the island. You can ask them any questions you may be wondering too.
We and many tourists will 100% recommend visiting the surrounding picturesque islands and taking a trip to Phuket without doing so is difficult to imagine. Although one week is limited and of course you cannot visit them all, the more popular islands to visit tend to be Phi Phi, Similans, James Bond and Tachai. Many tour companies offer day visits if you are in a rush. A lot of the surrounding islands offer snorkeling, relaxing on the stunning beaches or exploring the caves just being a few of the activities you can enjoy on your trip.
After a fun filled day in the sun an evening show is recommended. In Phuket, there are many for every taste, appropriate for children and also adult shows. A famous and very common visited show appropriate for the whole family tends to be Phuket Fantasea. In this fun and fantastic Thai theatrical performance based on the ancient Thai legends, gymnasts, illusionists, clowns and acrobats perform. More than a thousand people can watch at one time. Animals such as elephants, tigers, buffaloes, goats and pigeons are also involved. Before the show, we recommend a walk in the nearby park, which occupies a huge ground. To complete the evening how about enjoying a delicious traditional Thai dish at a local restaurant?
Local Thai cuisine is a must try during your week, not only at restaurants but also at the many street markets. There is Thai food for all types of taste buds from spicy to not spicy. For those who aren’t accustomed with spicy food, a very useful phrase whilst ordering food is “mai phet” which translates as “not spicy”. Many tourists prefer to not risk leaving their hotels in fear that food outside is unsafe and will make them ill. This is incorrect and a shame to listen to.

The famous Thai massage- a must! Many accommodations will provide spa and massage services but on many of the streets of Phuket you will find massage palors offering 1 hour massages for as little as 250 baht upwards. A relaxing massage will leave you feeling like you’re walking on clouds and the highest of relaxation.
Do try to see as many of the beautiful beaches and viewpoints of Phuket too, many of them are very accessible to each other and worth a visit. You can make a day of it easily as an example Rawai- Nai Harn which occupy Nai Harn, Ao Sane, Ya Nui, Rawai beach as well as Windmill Point and Phromthep Cape. Make a plan before your trip, choose a reliable tour company and with this advice we hope and know you will have a fantastic, memorable time spent in Phuket.