Nai Harn Beach


Nai Harn beach is located on the west Coast of southern Phuket, Thailand close proximity to several beaches such as Ya Nui, Ao Sane and Rawai.
The beautiful village of Nai Harn is increasingly one of the islands more popular destinations and hosts a very picturesque beach. It is over one kilometre in length and on the southern end of the beach sits a saltwater lagoon which is emptied and filled by the tide. Throughout the year it changes size and is often shallow enough for children to play in.
Nai Harn Beach is voted the number one best beach in Phuket on Trip Advisor and this cannot be argued due to its spectacular jungle mountain views, soft sands, turquoise waters and beautiful sunsets.


Despite Nai Harn Beach becoming more and more discovered, the small bay is home to only a few hotels, restaurants and shops in walking distance nearby and it retains its relaxed charm. With The Royal Phuket Yacht Club nearby, it is a popular anchorage for boats during the high season.
During low season the beach is popular amongst surfers flocking to catch its big waves but has been known to be one of the more dangerous waters during low season.
Nai Harn Beach is desired all year due to its combination of beauty, facilities and activities. It is popular with family’s due to a great amount of welcomed shade even on its hottest day.

Flora & fauna
Nai Harn Beach and its neighbouring attractions are extremely beautiful. Unlike some of the beaches in Phuket, Nai Harn is not directly parallel to the road making it a very quiet undisturbed area. If you look both right and left you can see jungle covered mountains and three small wind turbines on top of the southern headland. There are large rocks to the south and retains greenery, tropical palm trees and Casuarina trees giving shade. In between the beach and the road is a wooded area which is usually used for parking.

No other water sports are available to rent but kayaks. However, numerous sunbeds, umbrellas (usually 100baht per day), inflatables and swim rings for children are available making your beach experience a happy one. Refreshments and fresh coconuts are also on sale. There are no direct showers on the beach but across the road restaurants offer toilets and showers for a small fee.

Sea & Sand
Throughout the year Nai Harn offers beautiful clear transparent waters making snorkelling a must. Life guards are on duty every day making your swimming experience one of peace. Flags will indicate if swimming is safe especially during low season when waves are big and should be swam with extreme care. During high season beach cleaning is thoroughly done every day. The beach slopes effortlessly into the sea and there is nothing but sand to disturb your toes.

Entertainment & Attractions
• Windmill Viewpoint, located between Ya Nui and Nai Harn beach. It has slim white windmills facing out to the sea and facilitates stunning views of Ya Nui, Phromthep Cape, Nai Harn and an island opposite called Koh Man. There are some seating areas and drink vendors.
• Phromthep Cape is one of the more popular, most photographed viewpoints in southern Phuket and has spectacular views and notoriously stunning sunsets. Walking through the carpark and up the stairs sits an air-conditioned lighthouse/ museum with an outdoor balcony. On one of the clearer Phuket days you can see in the distance Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi and the shapes of Phi Phi islands. There are also shrines and various elephant statues in all shapes and sizes. For the adventurous you can trek to the end of the cape.
• Ao Sane, a tranquil less known 200 metre beach a couple of minutes’ from Nai Harn is one of Phuket’s most desired for snorkeling. Clown, parrot and even the odd eel or two have been seen here.
• Ya Nui beach is a charming little cove featuring great snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. The sand is beautifully soft and children love to collect shells.
Unlike beaches such as Patong or Kata, although Nai Harn can be extremely busy during high season is considered affordable and is developed enough but not too much for all your tourist needs.
Nai Harn is very close to Rawai and has a selection of restaurants, massage palors, ATM’s, shops, nightlife and a variety of accommodation options all in walking or driving distance from the beach.

Nai Harn has an array of accomodations to large hotels and smaller budget housing.
There are three-star hotels: All Seasons Nai Harn, four-star hotels: The Windmill Phuket Hotel ,and five-star hotels: The Royal Phuket Yacht Club, also here you can find guesthouses and other accommodation options.
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Nai Harn and its surrounding areas are very popular area among tourists from all over the world, they not only come here for Phuket’s sunshine, but also for a delicious range of cuisines.
In this area, you can confidently be satisfied with all your gastronomic needs, from popular local Thai dishes, fresh seafood, European, vegan, Mexican and much more!

How to get here
Nai Harn beach is located on the west Coast of southern Phuket, west of Rawai and south of Kata. You can come here along the route of N 4233.
Car/ Scooter rental are easily accessible from many shops close by to the beach. Tuk- Tuk’s, and Taxi’s can usher you around to other beaches and attractions for small fees.

Nai Harn Beach: Recommendations and Reviews
With Nai Harn beach the being the top rated on Trip Advisor as the best beach in Phuket it is no wonder locals and tourists make Nai Harn a must do.
An extremely clean beach, beautiful views, warm waters and less crowded than the beaches in Karon or Patong it is definitely recommended a visit during your trip to Thailand and you will guarantee love it here!