Kata Beach is located on the west Coast of southern Phuket, Thailand.

The beautiful bay of Kata is increasingly one of the islands more popular destinations. By popularity Kata can be compared with the beaches Karon, Patong or Nai Harn – these are extremely popular areas among tourists from all over the world who are looking for a beautiful, unforgettable and exotic tropical holiday.

Kata Beach is 1.5 kilometres in length and is made up of two beaches Kata Yai (commonly known as Kata) and Kata Noi, as the name suggests in Thai is smaller.
Majority of the beach is in immediate vicinity of Kata Beach Road, but it is located far enough that passing vehicles will not distract you and you will be able to concentrate entirely on why you came here – for a bronzed tan, fine white sands and stunning clear turquoise waters.
Across the road from Kata Beach, behind a guarded fence is a small park with outdoor gym equiment (where you can warm up your muscles before swimming). There are several expensive hotels hidden under the shade of beautiful, green trees.
The Northern part of the beach rests on a hill in which a villa sits barely visible through huge tree branches. A small river flows along this hill and usually in high season a large accumulation of boats. Therefore, this is not advisable for swimming. But more suitable perhaps for sun seeking, immersing yourself in an interesting book or relaxing with friends and family.
The Southern part of the beach consumes less boats making it an ideal spot for water sports, the water here is clear and clean. Diving and snorkelling are a must in Kata where the rocks host coral and plenty sea life. During low season the beach is popular amongst surfers flocking to catch its big waves.
Kata Beach is desired all year due to its combination of beauty, facilities and activities. It is popular with families due to a great amount of welcomed shade even on its hottest day.

Flora & fauna
If you are an traveler experienced with exotic countries, perhaps the flora and fauna of this place will surprise you little, it’s very beautiful here! Yes, there are no jungles or wild animals running around. However, the nature and views here are attractive.
As described earlier the beach backs onto Kata Beach Road. However, a narrow strip of Casuarina trees and greenery separate the blissful beach from urban reality. In the distance is a small, beautiful island Ko Pu (Crab Island) which for strong swimmers in high season can be reached or by boat taxi.
Both Kata and Kata Noi have beautiful views and incredible must see colourful sunsets.


Once the sun has risen Thai locals approximately from 9am help to improve your vacation offering sunbeds, umbrellas (usually 100baht per day), inflatables and swim rings for children making your beach experience a happy one. Refreshments and fresh coconuts are also on sale.

Sea & Sand
Throughout the year Kata offers beautiful clear waters. Life guards are on duty every day making your swimming experience one of peace. Flags will indicate if swimming is safe especially during low season when waves are big and should be swam with extreme care. During high season beach cleaning is thoroughly done every day.

Entertainment & Attractions
• Khao Saam Haad was once known as Kata View Point, however recently changed to Karon Viewpoint. From this stunning gem you are able to take in views of Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beach. It is located near by between Nai Harn and Kata Noi beach.
• Dino Park Mini Golf is fun entertainment for children and adults! Volcanoes, caves and frightening, bewitching sounds await you. There is a bar in which you can drink refreshing cocktails from fresh, exotic fruits, as well as a place to eat.
• Buddhist temple Kittisangkraram Temple – like many Temples of Thailand – is a very interesting and beautiful for tourists looking to be acquainted with Buddhist culture.
• Surf House Kata, located along Kata Beach Road is a beach front surf house, a place for all year-round surfing. Offering a place to chill, drink signature cocktails and enjoy its cuisines from award winning international chefs.

Massage & Beauty
After you have exhausted yourself with active sports, it would be nice to relax a little.
On Kata beach, you can use the services of massage, as well as you can find massage parlors in the city. Local Thai experts will offer you a wide range of services to give lightness to the muscles of your body.
It is said if you want a high quality massage, choose salons with transparent glass. However, do not be fooled, even the smallest of Thai women are equipped with strong hands! The cost of services are dependent on the area of the body and are from 200 baht upwards for 45 minutes- 1 hour.
If massages aren’t your thing, you can relax in one of the beauty salons, passing two streets deep into the city. Here you can try out Thai cosmetics and other popular means.

Kata is considered affordable and is highly developed for all your tourist needs.
In high season, Kata is the little sister to the notorious Patong Beach in terms of its bustling atmosphere, wide selection of restaurants, massage palors, ATM’s, shops, nightlife and a variety of accommodation options all in walking distance to the beach.

Kata has an array of accomodations to large hotels and smaller budget housing.
There are three-star hotels: Jinta Andaman, four-star hotels: The Baray Villa by Sawasdee Village, and five-star hotels: Metadee Resort & Villas, also here you can find guesthouses and other accommodation options.
We always offer the ability to rent a villa or apartment for the period of your vacation.
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Kata is a very popular area among tourists from all over the world, they not only come here for Phuket’s sunshine, but also for a delicious range of cuisines.
In this area you can confidently be satisfied with all your gastronomic needs, from popular Thai dishes, fresh seafood, European, Mexican and much more!

How to get here
Kata beach is located on the west Coast of southern Phuket, north of Rawai and south of Karon. You can come here from the north or the south of the island along the route N 4233.
Car/ Scooter rental is easily accessible from many shops close by to the beach. Tuk- Tuk’s, Taxi’s and public buses such as the Songtaew and blue open- air buses are also available to usher you around.

Map Location
Coordinates of the geo-position: 7.819877, 98.297952

Kata Beach: Recommendations and Reviews
Kata Beach is a good place to relax! It is beautiful and clean, there is an huge array of activites and opportunites to chill after sunbathing. In the evening, at sunset, once it is a bit cooler you can meet an array of people engaged in active sports on the beach.
Tourists from around the world visit Kata Beach for its diverse wonders. It is tasty to eat and sweet to sleep!
A recommended visit during your trip to Thailand and you will guarantee love it here!