Karon Beach is located on the west coast of the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.

It is south of Patong and north of Kata. Karon is more than 3.4 kilometres in length and not only is the second favourite holiday destination in Phuket, it also has the third longest beach. Due to its popularity amongst tourists, Karon Beach is comparable to such beaches as Bang Tao or Kata.

Despite the beach running parallel to a main road, trees line and separate the two and it is very peaceful. Passing vehicles are not heard over the calming sounds of the ocean.

Karon features three different main areas all with their own assets. Karon Centre, Karon Beach and Luang Poh Chuan Road (south end of the beach). Tourists visiting Karon can find a diverse choice of dining, nightlife, shopping as well as a market hosted in a Buddhist temple.

The north of Karon Beach sits a hotel located on a mountain. It is a picturesque quiet area for tourists who like to sit out of the sun and listen to the waves.

In high season Karon Beach can be extremely popular and busy.


Flora and Fauna

Karon is fairly similar to Kata and Patong beach in regards to its flora and fauna. Due to its large size, majority of the Casuarina trees, greenery and palm trees are lined parallel to the road as you enter the beach, separating the blissful beach from urban reality. These assure daily shade to tourists who wish to stay away from Phuket’s sunshine.

Karon Beach has beautiful views and is the place to be to view a stunning colourful sunset!


Once the sun has risen Thai locals help to improve your vacation offering sunbeds, umbrellas (usually 100baht per day), inflatables and swim rings for children making your beach experience a happy one. Refreshments and fresh coconuts are also on sale. Due to the beach being very close to the main road, shops and restaurants are in walking distance.

Sea & Sand

Majority of Phuket’s beaches offer fine powdery sands and turquoise waters, Karon Beach being another evidence of this. The sand is pleasant to walk on but due to the lack of trees can become very hot especially in the hotter months! The beach has designated swim zones and life guards of duty to ensure tourists safety.

Entertainment & Attractions

Temples Wat Karon and Suwan Khiri Ket, great for tourists to learn the Buddhist religion. The architecture is stunning and rich with cultural traditions.

Dino Park Mini Golf is fun entertainment for children and adults! Volcanoes, caves and frightening, bewitching sounds await you.  There is a bar in which you can drink refreshing cocktails from fresh, exotic fruits, as well as a place to eat.

How about trying a Thai cooking class taught by experts? You are able to learn to make your own favourite Thai dishes. Resorts such as Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach are favourites by tourists.

Karon Market (Tuesdays and Saturdays 16:00-22:00) is approximately 12,000sqm and is held in Wat Karon Temple supplying you with Thai souvenirs and fresh street foods.

Surfing during low season is big amongst the surfing community due to its big waves.


Out of the whole of Thailand, the island of Phuket is said to be one of the most developed in its infrastructure. Due to being very popular for tourists every year more hotels, bars and restaurants are being built to fulfil all needs. Phuket is very easy to travel around due to its great road connections.

If we compare Karon to Patong, it is a lot more comfortable and not as notoriously hectic. Karon is great for families and the more you venture into the city away from the beach you can find a large number of cafes, bars, nightclubs and other establishments for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Finding ATM’s is never an issue as there are multiple around Karon.

Unlike its neighbour Kata, this area is slightly more pricey in accommodation and food.



Karon provides a wide range of accommodation from high priced luxury hotels as well as those who are on a budget looking for some cheaper options.

Examples such as the three-star hotel: Baan Sailom Hotel Phuket, four-star hotel: Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa, and five-star hotel: Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket.

As years pass, tourists are finding other means of accommodation such as villas and apartments to be their first accommodation choices. We at Tropic Look like to keep up to date with these trends and try to help our guests to find the best, modern and individual housings for their stay. For your relaxation and vacation in Karon, we can offer 2-bedroom, modern apartments with two bathrooms and kitchen, panoramic views and floor-to-ceiling windows that meet the highest of requirements!

We offer an newly built apartment with modern architecture, blended into the wild jungle like views of Phuket. It is a 10 minutes walk from the beach in the complex Karon Hill Ark.

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Seeing as Karon is a very popular area among tourists from all over the world, they not only come here for Phuket’s sunshine, but also for a delicious range of cuisines.

In this area, you can confidently be satisfied with all your gastronomic needs, from popular Thai dishes, fresh seafood, European, Mexican and much more!


How to get to Karon Beach

Karon is located in the west coat of the island, south Phuket between the beach of the Meridien Hotel and Kata Beach. You can come here from the northern or southern part of the island on the route N 4033. You can get here from neighboring beaches by public transport, tuk-tuk, taxi or other rented transport.

Map Location

Coordinates of the geo-position: 7.844995, 98.293805


Recommendations and Reviews

Although many of Phuket’s beaches can be similar, due to Karon’s great length it is different and very popular amongst tourists for all around the world. Although in high season it can be very busy, it is one of the more relaxing areas in Phuket which makes it a great place for families. The amazing factor of Phuket is that if you want to travel to another beach everything is very accessible and in short distance unlike some other countries in Asia.

For beautiful fine sand, transparent waters and great waves make sure to give Karon Beach a visit!