A day in the beach

What should I bring to the beach in Phuket?

Promotional photographs and videos of Phuket always depict beautiful weather, snow white sand, tourists relaxing in hammocks, drinking coconuts or showing the elegant ocean waves. But such an easy-going approach to Phuket can play a cruel joke. The sun in the daytime can cause painful sunburn to the unprotected skin, swimsuits struggle to dry in the moist air, and without water and shade, heat stroke can occur. To ensure a great and safe beach experience it is always worth considering what to take with you beforehand.

What shall I bring in my bag?

Take a beach bag with necessary essentials such as water, sunglasses, sun cream, wet wipes, any medications, spare clothing and a beach towel/ matt. The more touristy beaches supply sun loungers, umbrellas, water equipment such as snorkels and also refreshments.

The beaches in Phuket are stunning with turquoise waters and white sands so make sure you bring a camera!
The first thing – sunscreen! The sun in Thailand during the daytime is deadly to the paler skin of tourists who are not used to this type of weather. To ensure no sunburn, use a water resistant high factor on yourself and children especially on the first week to allow your skin to get used to the sun. Even if your sun cream is water resistant regularly re apply layers or as a rule each time you exit the sea after swimming to ensure protection.


Coconut oil is advised and a very loved product in Phuket due to its many benefits and variety of uses. Locals will walk around selling it on the beaches and many shops, pharmacies and markets will sell it. Along with your sun cream, coconut oil protects against burning and redness and is great on your hair to avoid dryness. Although hats are not everyone’s preferred fashion choice, they are recommended to keep away burning of the face, scalp and to avoid heat stroke. Local Thai’s will wear big hats when walking directly in the sun and we advise you follow their example.
Not bringing sunglasses with you is not advised and a reliable pair can protect your eyes from the ultraviolet. If you wish to wear them whilst swimming take care as many tourists tend to lose them if they’re not careful due to unexpected waves. Wet wipes (antibacterial if possible) help to refresh your hands and face from sand and to keep them regularly clean. Due to the wet and hot climate of Thailand, unfortunately, it is a paradise for germs.
Purchasing refreshments and food on and nearby to the beaches are never a problem however, we advise you also bring your own water with you at all times. To avoid yourself and your company getting dehydrated or ill, please drink as much water as possible in regular intervals. As a precaution, a small first aid kit should be brought with you to ensure yourself and your families safety and comfort. Life guards on duty will have a first aid kit but it is best to bring plasters (in case of cuts), antibacterial cream, painkillers, aloe vera gel (sunburn) and also gastrointestinal pills.
We wish and hope that you will not need to use any of the above, but tourists can tend to react to foods or weather that their bodies are not used to and sometimes sickness is unpredictable. The heat and humidity is to watch and should not be taken lightly. We advise you bring spare clothing, swimsuits and towels as the humidity makes drying sometimes difficult and with winds can make you feel cold when wet.
Here is just a small list of the main possessions and equipment you should bring with you. Websites, tourist blogs and speaking to other guests here in Phuket will help you with any further ideas we may have missed to ensure a fantastic unforgettable day at the beach.