Bangtao Beach is located in the west coast of northern Phuket, Thailand.

It is the second longest beach Phuket has to offer at 6 kilometres. Bangtao Beach houses one of the biggest resort complexes Laguna, making it an ideal place for tourists and families who want all their vacation needs in one spot. Unlike other Phuket living attractions, Laguna is another world and has an European vibe. It is also has a golf course and shuttle busses which run between the various hotels almost forgetting you’re surrounded by Phuket’s tropical nature.

A couple of minutes away is the town Cherng Talay where many local Thai villagers make their living by farming and fishing.

Bangtao Beach despite its size is one of the more quiet and relaxing beaches for tourists making it a perfect spot to bring children.

The north of the beach locates an island making swimming even in low season easy as it creates an obstacle for huge waves. The south attracts a large number of tourists as this is where the majority of the hotels and restaurants are situated. If you’re looking for more relaxation, the centre of the beach is usually just consumed by sunseekers.

Bangtao Beach unlike some other areas in Phuket is very different in high and low season. In high season tourists flock and there is a lot of life. However, low season can be very quiet but this is not a disadvantage as tourists can enjoy its tropical paradise and admire Bangtao’s beauty.

Flora & Fauna

Bangtao is very green and has a lot of Casuarina and palm trees creating shade for those who do not wish to constantly be in the sun.

Sea & Sand

Throughout the year Bangtao Beach offers beautiful clear warm waters. Life guards are on duty every day making your swimming experience one of peace. Flags will indicate if swimming is safe especially during low season when waves are big and should be swam with extreme care. Bangtao also has deep entrances into the sea so extra caution is to be made.


Entertainment & Attractions

Dream Beach Club Phuket is a very laid-back stylish place to relax and party. It is part of the world-renowned Dream brand from New York City. It is one of the very few clubs which is right on the beach in Phuket. It is one of the biggest clubs Phuket has to offer with two swimming pools, four bars and over 100 sun loungers.

Another club worth visiting on Bangato Beach is Catch Beach which has a beachfront location. It belongs to the same famous brands Palm Seaside, HQ Beach Lounge and Twinpalms Phuket. It has a beautiful bar, restaurant and a great vibe with great music.

For thrill seekers how about trying Anthem Wake Park? It is surrounded in a natural environment set on a 50,000sqm freshwater lake. Experts will supervise and help you practice your wakeboarding skills.

Wat Cherng Talay Temple like many temples in Phuket blends Buddhism and Hinduism. A great spot for tourists to learn about both cultures and consists of five buildings.

A great activity for all the family is horseback riding on a Bangtao beach. The Phuket International Riding Club is a long-established equestrian center located near the entrance of Laguna Phuket Resort Complex.




Bang Tao is fairly developed and happily has preserved a very beautiful nature.

Here a large number: hotels, bars, restaurants, massage parlors, beauty salons, ATMs – everything that will add comfort to your vacation. Bangtao and Laguna offer all your vaacation needs making it very hard for families to need or want to have to venture. However, in the low season, it is so calm here that someone who does not like the quiet atmosphere may want to choose a different Phuket location.


In general, this area is more prestigious than other areas in Phuket and the prices here are higher than the average for the island. Despite this – even a tourist who does not have a large budget can find accommodation here.


The beach provides a large number of luxury housing for demanding guests with high incomes.

There is a choice of three-star hotels: Bangtao Village Resort, four-star hotels: Laguna Holiday Club Phuket Resort, and five-star hotels: Banyan Tree Phuket.


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Bangtao Beach is a very popular area among tourists from all over the world, they not only come here for Phuket’s sunshine, but also for a delicious range of cuisines.

In this area you can confidently be satisfied with all your gastronomic needs, from popular Thai dishes, fresh seafood, European, Mexican and much more!

How to get here

You can easily get to Bang Tao from any part of the island, following highway N 4030. We remind you that this is a very large beach and there are no problems with parking, often finding spaces parallel to the beach.


Map Location

Coordinates of the geology: 8.005324, 98.292589


Recommendations & Reviews

Bang Tao is a great beach for a good, relaxing family friendly and couple vacation. It is great for those wishing for relaxation and peace. Here you can distract yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city or other areas such as Patong. Forget yourself in your thoughts and emotions, losing track of time, walking on the beach at sunset or swinging on a swing under tall trees.